About Us

Greenwood Sustainable Infrastructure (GSI) is a renewable energy company focused on the development, construction and operation of distributed generation and utility-scale solar energy and battery storage projects in North America. Established in 2010, the company has developed approximately 388 MW DC across 71 renewable energy projects, many of which are still owned or operated by GSI. Combining technical, financial, and operational expertise, GSI successfully executes transactions that create both scale and value.

GSI’s project footprint consists of 11 U.S. states, which include New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, Florida, Minnesota, Michigan, Colorado, Illinois, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Washington, as well as Alberta in Canada.

Our team is highly skilled in the development, acquisition, capitalization, and operation of solar and battery storage across a wide range of complexities and geographies. The enhanced development capabilities of our team will provide a platform for further growth in the years ahead.

The team is actively developing a 1.6-gigawatt (GW) pipeline of solar and battery storage projects, which includes large utility scale projects as well as community solar. This also represents the next step in our strategic goal to grow our pipeline to the 5 GW mark of clean power by 2029.

Greenwood Sustainable Infrastructure is the North American renewable energy subsidiary of Libra Group, a privately owned, global business group with assets and operations in nearly 60 countries. Libra encompasses 20 operating businesses predominately focused on aviation, renewable energy, maritime, real estate, hospitality, and diversified investments. The Group applies the strength of its global network and capabilities to deliver cross-sector insights and growth at scale, while mitigating risk.

Libra Group’s global energy interests include an extensive portfolio of distributed generation and grid-connected solar energy parks and wind farms in Europe and the Americas. Libra companies also have experience in biogas production, biomass power generation, cogeneration plants, and waste-to-energy based fuels. GSI’s sister companies within the Libra ecosystem are Greenwood Energy, in Central and South America, Euro Energy in Central and Southeastern Europe, and Convergen Latvia with operations in Eastern Europe.

To learn more about Libra Group, visit www.libra.com.

Investing in the sustainable energy industry since 2010
Developing and operating solar and battery storage across North America
Experience in financing and managing entire asset lifecycle