Greenwood Energy, now Greenwood Sustainable Infrastructure (GSI), has joined the United States’ climate action effort by committing to the American Business Act on Climate Pledge. Through the pledge, Greenwood is demonstrating its support for action on climate change and a strong international agreement at the United Nations’ COP21 climate summit by promising to increase its low-carbon investments and deploy new renewable energy generation resources.

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Greenwood’s pledge includes the following actions:

  • By the end of 2016, develop and construct over 100 megawatts (MW) of incremental solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity for commercial and industrial (C&I) customers throughout the U.S., reducing carbon emissions approximately 90,000 metric tons per year.
  • By the end of 2017, develop and construct over 200MW of distributed generation renewable energy projects for C&I customers across Latin America.
  • Support the deployment of distributed solar PV and energy storage technologies with C&I companies across the U.S. and Latin Americas to make electricity delivery as efficient as possible with the lowest carbon footprint.
  • Expand Greenwood’s business model to integrate additional clean energy technologies such as energy efficiency and demand management.

“We are passionate about America’s renewable energy future and have committed our resources and team to empowering our customers to secure a low-carbon energy future,” said Camilo Patrignani, CEO of Greenwood Energy.

Since 2006, Greenwood has developed over 95MW of renewable energy projects in the U.S., reducing carbon emissions by an estimated 85,000 metric tons per year, the equivalent CO2 emissions of nearly 46,000 tons of coal.

A total of 154 companies have signed the American Business Act on Climate Pledge to date and these companies have operations in all 50 U.S. states, employ nearly 11 million people, represent over $4.2 trillion in annual revenue, and have a combined market capitalization of over $7 trillion. A full list of pledges is available at:


About Greenwood Sustainable Infrastructure

Greenwood Sustainable Infrastructure (GSI) ( is one of the clean energy subsidiaries of Libra Group. GSI is a renewable energy company focused on the development, construction and operation of distributed generation and utility-scale solar energy and battery storage projects in North America. As of March 2023, the company developed approximately 178 MW across 43 renewable energy projects, many of which are still owned or operated by GSI, and has an additional project pipeline of 1.6 GW. GSI’s seasoned team also has a proven track-record investing in power assets and partnering with multiple top-tiered investors.